8:30 - 9:00 AMConference Registration
9:00 - 9:55 AMWelcome/Opening Remarks - Bernice Alexander Bennett
Keynote Address - Marvin T. Jones

Session 1: 10:00AM - 12:05PM
ClassPresenterClass Description
1-1Noreen GoodsonGenealogy for Beginners (B)
1-2Angela Walton-RajiHow to Use the Freedmen’s Bureau Records (I/A)

Session 2: 12:10PM - 1:15AM
ClassPresenterClass Description
2-1Aaron DorseySlave Genealogy Research - Conducting Slave Era Research (I/A)
2-2Christine EasterlingEducation Today and Yesterday and the Challenges to Inspire Young People to Learn (B/I/A)

LUNCH 1:15PM - 2:10PM

(Please bring your own lunch that does not require refrigeration.)

Session 3: 2:10PM - 3:20PM
ClassPresenterClass Description
3-1Chiquita Sorrels, moderatorPanel Discussion - The Role of the African American Church in Education (B/I/A)
3-2J. ShangoUsing Genealogy as a way to teach students about African American History (I)

Session 4: 3:25PM - 4:40PM
ClassPresenterClass Description
4-1Bernice Alexander BennettIntro to DNA and Genealogy (B)
4-2Shannon ChristmasUsing Autosomal DNA Analysis to Grow the African-American Family Tree (I/A)

B = Beginner  :  I = Intermediate  :  A = Advanced

4:45 - 5:00 PMRaffle - Nancy Daniels and Noreen Goodson
Closing Remarks - Frank Jenkins and Carol Kostakos Petranek