8:30 - 9:00 AMConference Registration
9:00 AMWelcome/Opening Remarks - Chiquita Clark Sorrels
Introduction of Keynote Speaker - Jacqueline Tillman-Lewis
Keynote Address - Ric Murphy

Session 1: 10:00AM - 11:15AM
ClassPresenterClass Description
1-1Noreen GoodsonGenealogy for Beginners (2 hour course limited to 30 attendees)
1-2Bernice Alexander BennettSons and Daughters of the U.S. Middle Passage
1-3John AshleyBlack Migrations - ASALH®

Session 2: 11:35AM - 12:50PM
ClassPresenterClass Description
2-1Noreen GoodsonGenealogy for Beginners (Continuation of 1-1, 2 hour course limited to 30 attendees)
2-2Chiquita Clark SorrelsUsing Information About Death to Find Information About Lives
2-3Robyn SmithDo You Have An Artificial Brick Wall?

LUNCH 12:50PM - 1:50PM

Please bring your own fridge free lunch; no coffee allowed on premises.

Session 3: 1:50PM - 3:05PM
ClassPresenterClass Description
3-1Andy J. HochreiterIntroduction to DNA B
3-2Shannon ChristmasHow to Use DNA to Find Ancestors (Recommended for attendees who have already completed a DNA test and uploaded results to GEDMatch) I/A

Session 4: 3:10PM - 4:30PM
ClassModeratorFinal Session
4-1Bernice Alexander BennettTelling Your Story /Open Round Table Discussion
Francis (Frank) Jenkins - AASIG at WDCFHC
Glen A. Blackwell - AAHGS Agnes Kane Callum, Baltimore, MD
LaJoy Mosby - AAHGS Central Maryland (CMC)
Chiquita Clark Sorrels - AAHGS Montgomery County, MD
Nathania Branch Miles - AAHGS Price George's County, MD
Linda Crichlow White - AAHGS James Dent Walker, DC

B = Beginner  :  I = Intermediate  :  A = Advanced

4:30PM - 5:00PMDoor Prize Drawing - Noreen Goodson
Closing Remarks - Nathania Branch Miles